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Drano's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[23 Apr 2008|10:50pm]

so we met Rude Boi from Deepside today at work. they sing the song booty music
which im sure u have all heard b4 somewhere. he is soo fine!!
omg. we got his autograph. can u say EBAY!!
he was actually really nice considering his name is rude boi.
he liked the smoothie i made :]
if you dont know what he looks like this is him

you know hes sexy. he has some sexy ass tattoos too lol
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[05 Apr 2007|11:32pm]
rapids wuz awesome.
i dont want spring break to end
CoMmEnT Me!

skool! neverrr!! [06 Aug 2006|08:51pm]
[ mood | :) ]

each day i realize were closer to skool i get this

sick feelin in my stomach. 

i hate skool.

so aniways momo, meghan, maggie

me, stephen and bendy saw john tucker

must die.

it was funni. since maggie didnt feel lik 

havin her mom come she slept over my house

so did momo. maggie was actin like a

crackhead as usual. 

today momo and i went to the beach

that was a lot of fun.

there was big waves cuz of that chris hurricane thing

some ppl were surfing (tryin to).

hope it doesnt rain and lightin at maggies on sat.

CoMmEnT Me!

4th of july!! [05 Jul 2006|12:50am]
[ mood | chillin ]

so today was the 4th of july? how was u guys?

it was a really borin day for me and momo

all we did was watch tv. go to church for an hour and play pool

and then walk round the neighborhood and watch fireworks. 

there were some crazy ppl that were settin of works that went everywhere

kennys brother got hit in the face by one of them. 

he looked fine to me.

so yeah how was u guys?

CoMmEnT Me!

first drivin lesson [29 Jun 2006|02:13pm]
[ mood | no fooooood!!!! ]

ok today was my first drivin lesson with the school. drivin is one of the easiest 

things in this world. its so easy its not funni. i drove at like 50 mph. the highest 

i went was 65. but aniways i drove thro coral springs and passed maggies 

neighborhood. i drove thro parkland and went to the saw grass mall area. she 

had me drive her to the nearest sherwin williams since she doesnt live around 

here so that she could go and pick up some paint samples. somehow i knew 

that there was one in margate and i took her to it. i drove by ed's skool. for the 

first time i saw douglas high. juss lookin at that school u could tell rich kids 

went there. so yeah i told my mom that when she comes home i would drive 

her to albertsons for no reason but i guess il by some gum :) maybe rent a

movie. does anione kno if unos doing anithhin if not we should think of 

somethin to do. 

thats all for now 


(1) CoMmEnT Me!

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